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Welcome to My Local Farmer's Market

To minimize waste we only grow what is needed.

FYI We only use Certified Organic seeds, ZERO pesticides. and are Grown in our secure, climate controlled environment. 

What you get:

Fresh, sustainable consistent quality, organically grown microgreens with pure flavour packed full of Nutrients. 

What you DON'T get:

Chemically assisted produce, GMO's or taste and quality impacts effected by uncontrollable environmental factors

Featured:  Micro Bundle 

Freshly harvested Broccoli, Pea, Sunflower and Radish 4 times per month.

Each delivery will include:

  • 60g Broccoli

  • 100g Pea

  • 60g Radish

  • 100g Sunflower


All subscription customer can opt-in to receive FREE samples as we Grow our Farm.

$50 per month
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