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About My Local Farmer Ltd

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My Local Farmer Ltd. Was incorporated in Dec. 2023 

Michael Mazza Founder

Company goals: Provide the highest quality tasting produce possible, at the lowest cost possible, environmentally-friendly and sustainable with minimal waste.

And this is how we plan on achieving our goals

Highest quality & Taste possible.

We only use:

  • Certified organic seeds from Johnny Seed and Mumm's.

  • Pro-mix MP Organic soil.

  • Gaia 4-4-4 organic nutrient 

  • Pure clean water

  • Pride in all our crops


All our produce is grown under perfect conditions in our secure climate controlled environment  Our products are not effected environmental factors such as weather, air and water contaminates. (both natural and man made)

Lowest cost as possible to produce and sell

Is NOT our goal to milk you for as much of your hard earned money as we can get but rather, though automation, growing our own seeds,  and minimize shipping costs we can offer the lowest wholesale prices on the market.

If you go to any local grocer and look at where your produce is coming from you will be shocked.  You will find that most of it comes in from far away.  Freshness and quality suffers. as the produce has to be harvested, packed, shipped to a distribution centre and then re-packed and transported again to the retailer. By the time it gets to the store it has spent a couple of days on quite the journey. All the while exposed the elements, contaminations, bugs and pollution . Plus there are a lot of hands on it along the way and the all need to get paid.

Growing local reduces most of the middle man costs and thus able to keep pricing low.

Let's cut out the middle men!

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Farming

There have been many cases made for vertical farming when it comes to sustainability, and rightfully so. Compared to traditional farming, vertical farming uses much less water and land, emits less CO2, and produces higher crop yields in general and per square foot

Meet your local Farmer
Michael A. Mazza: President / CEO

After a lunch conversation with my partner at Golf Ideas designed Inc. about him being a 10 yr vegetarian and how much he enjoyed eating microgreens. is when it all started for me.  Being all about business and my love for horticulture my curiosity was peeked and I began exploring  the whole produce industry and the environmental impact on our planet. It was a real eye opener.  

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Fresh, Delicious & Nutritious
& Available in the Farmer's Market. Delivered to your door just hour after they are harvested.   
Broccoli microgreens 60g My Local Farmer
Broccoli microgreens growing
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