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Welcome to the Farmer

Indoor Organically Grown Produce of Niagara

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Microgreens on display
How we Guarantee Freshness & Flavour

We use Certified Organic non-GMO seeds, ZERO pesticides. and are Grown in a secure, climate controlled environment. 


What you get:

Fresh, sustainable consistent quality, organically grown microgreens with pure flavour packed full of Nutrients. 


What you DON'T get:

Chemically assisted produce, GMO's or taste and quality impacts effected by uncontrollable environmental factors

About your Local Farmer

My Local Farmer is a Niagara based Organic microgreen operation that has been providing fresh microgreens to the Region since 2023. We grow year-round, indoors, in soil, without the use of synthetic inputs.. We are proud members of Foodland Ontario and the Canadian Organic Association.


Our motivation - To feed people while greatly reducing waste in a eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Over a third of all food produced (~2.5 billion tons) is lost or wasted each year. One third of this occurs in the food production stage. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) estimates this wasted food is worth $230 billion. That loss is recouped buy raising the cost of goods. 

It doesn't have to be this way

This is how we do it

Join our Subscription program. We grow only what is needed.

When you select a plan we will grow it for you. 

Orders are delivered the day they are harvested.

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Taste great and I love that they are only grown 5 blocks away from me, Year round!

Cindy W. Fort Erie

Local, healthy, ECO friendly and on top of that a great price. Seems to be the way of the future.

Amelia B. St. Catherine's

I own a catering business and I exclusively use My Local Farmer microgreens

Kenny S. Welland

ECO Friendly Farming

“The emission reduction from energy use improvements, renewable energy sources and full recycling of waste energy is at the core of the sustainable development solution in vertical farming. This represents up to 98% of total emission reductions to around 160 kg CO2eq for each ton of harvested lettuce.”

Based on the results from this study, green vertical farming can potentially emit 70% less CO2 compared to open field agriculture, with additional benefits of 95% less land used and 80 to 90% less water use.

Moreover, green vertical farming can substantially reduce the amount of food waste. The enclosed nature of the growing setup, making contamination related to crop failure extremely unlikely,  and the proximity to the consumers, reducing transportation emissions to a minimum,  could reduce food losses by up to 99% and emissions associated with it by up to 70%.

CO2 emissions per ton of harvested lettuce - 158kg

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